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Abhishek Kumar - Founder at Abhi Web Cafe

I am Abhishek, popularly known as Abhi among my friends. Professionally I am a freelancer with expertise in SAP CRM Functional, Data Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and Testing, but personally, I have a passion for writing. To fulfill this passion of mine, I have created my own website where I enjoy some personal space as a blogger. Since being a blogger is one of my USPs, I have provided a number of bloggers with my services of BLOG SET UP to their satisfaction.

I have a hand in content writing, too. I have also designed a number of websites for different colleges and institutions, businesses and professionals. Understanding my client’s needs and being creative is my another USP. I always prefer to take innovative measures to provide an utmost guaranteed, on time satisfaction to my clients.

You can reach me at – or feel free to call and schedule a meeting with me at 8470092520.

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